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A little about me: I've been an Etsy shop owner and artisan since 2007, with a focus on soft Chalkboard Mats, 80s-inspired Ribbon Barrettes, wristlets, and accessories.

I work out of a small studio in Claremont, NH, and appear at juried craft shows in NH and VT. I make custom-color Ribbon Barrettes for birthday parties, 80s-themed events, rollerskating, Xanadu parties, and fun gifts. 

Super fun fact -- I was the exclusive Ribbon Barrettes maker for XANADU ON BROADWAY in New York City!  :)

I learned to make ribbon barrettes from my Aunt Karen in 1981. I make them on a French clip - they have that 80s look we love, but hold hair better! Each one is handcrafted with care, tightly weaving and knotting the ribbons. 

My work has been featured at the  Helen Hayes Theatre in NYC and Kira's Skate Shop (Xanadu On Broadway), in West Coast Families Magazinewww.liketotally80s.com, Best of Etsy on Twitter, and in several Etsy Treasuries,  blogs, and gift guides. 

Handmade in New Hampshire, USA! 


The "barrette girl" drawing (in header art) is by the very talented Reyetso, a Canadian artist who is also my daughter.  


Looking for Chalkboard Mats? See the Home Page for a list of upcoming festivals and craft shows!


Want your own Ribbon Barrettes? Thousands of possible color combinations, you get to choose your own!  Fun for team colors, school colors, dance / cheer, 80s parties, Xanadu parties or birthday favors! :)


To browse the selection of available Ribbon Barrette colors, please visit the Etsy shop.