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BH&G just told us to go find scraps on Etsy!

Ahh, that blissful moment when I'm paging through my newest copy of Better Homes & Gardens (so peaceful, so hygge!) ... and see a lovely little piece about making small crafts, such as pincushions, needle books or potholders, out of scrap fabric.

And right there in the middle of the page is a suggestions to find your fabric scraps at a quilt shop or on Etsy.


Scraps are a magical thing. Good cotton scraps in particular can be transformed into new, beautiful gifts, home decor, wall art, scrappy quilts, placemats, tiny wallets, you name it. So if you have a place to keep your scraps tightly sealed away from dust or pests, and plan to use them on a project or to, go for it!

And if you want to find bundles or lots of assorted scraps to build your stash or for a project, there are lots of trusted sellers on Etsy with multiple good reviews who will usually have scrap packs for sale, leftover bits from larger projects.

I have them in my shop as well -- cottons and blends, a ton of super fun novelty prints, solids, quilters' cottons, bundled into lots of just over 1 pound each. You can find them in my Etsy shop at

And while you're there, visit other small businesses and see what magic you can find on Etsy. The search box will take to anywhere your heart desires. :) Have fun!

Stay warm and have a great week! 'Till later,


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