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Helping Neighbors, and That's a Wrap!

Phew, what a busy and challenging year! This fall, we added even more shows to the calendar -- and had a great time meeting new friends in North Conway, Nashua, New London, Tilton, Newport, both Chester VT and Chester NH, and on the NH Seacoast. Wow!

Thank you all so much for supporting small business, for being kind in the face of all the extended safety precautions (we work hard to keep everyone safe and we see that you do too -- you guys are awesome), and for all the positive comments and feedback both in person and in the Etsy shop. :)

At the end of the year, I like to go get supplies for a nonprofit in our community. Yesterday, my husband and I headed over to the Sullivan County Humane Society in Claremont, NH to bring them a little Happy New Years gift of supplies for the shelter and food bank (I'm a longtime volunteer there, mostly help with bake sales these days, but spent a couple of years cleaning enclosures and scooping litter boxes! )

We brought a gift bag stuffed with paper towels, trash bags, zip-close baggies, hand sanitizer bottles, and stacks of assorted canned food. <3

If YOU would like to help your local shelter throughout the year, please consider a donation of goods or time. They can usually use supplies such as cat food (wet and dry), medium and large trash bags (that's a lot of scooping going on!) :), paper towels, face cloths / towels, financial donations, volunteer hours, hand sanitizer, soft bedding, and more.

Visit your local shelter's website to see what they need the most, or to adopt!

For information on the Sullivan County Humane Society, and to see who's available for adoption, please visit Or drop in during open hours or whenever the Welcome flag is displayed.

For more information about Victoria's Artisan Gifts, please visit

Thank you & Happy New Year! ~ Victoria

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