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Artisan Spotlight: Easy Apron

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Occasionally, I like to shine a little spotlight on a fellow artisan.

This week, it's Easy Apron, handmade in Cornish, New Hampshire. I've known Maureen for more than a year, and her Easy Aprons are a really good, thoughtful handmade NH product.

From her Etsy shop: "This apron is a unique and perfect gift for the elderly, disabled or anyone who eats in the car. Absolutely No Strings to Tie - Doesn't look or feel like a bib (because it isn't)!"

(Personal note -- I've seen these in action, even tried one on, and they are super cool).

Want to see photos? Drop in to see more info ..... Her shop is at

Thanks for visiting!

~ Victoria

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