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Teach kids how to sew? Sure!

I saw this article about the potential importance of teaching kids how to sew. They ask: Is it still important? I say whole-heartedly, "Yes!"

In my opinion, teaching kids the basics of sewing -- how to repair a torn piece of clothing, fix a button, mend a hole or create something new -- is just as important as gardening, caring for animals, empathy for others, succeeding at a job, being a leader, and useful life skills such as how to safely build a campfire.

My kids are all grown now. All know how to sew (and have helped raise the family garden, as well). Some have tried knitting and crochet, costume-making, doll clothes, stuffed animal making, and such. I showed them each on my little Euro-Pro sewing machine, which I still use. That was more than a decade ago.

A few weeks ago, my 20-year-old "summer son" (together, we have 5 kids ... "some'r" his, and "some'r" mine, haha) came into the craft studio to ask me to mend a torn open seam on the sleeve of his hoodie.

Instead of doing it for him, I grabbed that opportunity to show him the mechanics and operations of the sewing machine. By the time we were done, he had taken out and replaced the bobbin, unthreaded and re-threaded the machine, and fixed his hoodie. Voila.

Skills can be learned at any age. I'm learning every day. <3



P.S. Here's that article:

Photo credit: Intellectual Takeout (See story below)

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