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Thank you, Olivia

Several of these beautiful handmade 70s - 80s Ribbon Barrettes have been heading out to New York and Colorado this week, among other places. I think we are missing Olivia.

✨On a sad but timely note ... I want to thank the courageous, amazing Olivia Newton-John today for -- well, everything she has given the world! -- but also for taking on the role of Kira in #xanadu , many many years ago, that caused me to fall in LOVE with the character, her dress and roller skates and **especially** those Ribbon Barrettes.

I started making them in 1980, in Virginia, when my aunt Karen showed me how to make the double-tined ones. I created my own design several years later, as a Mom, to something that would stay in hair a little better with a French clip.

I've been making them ever since!! 😊💖🌈🦄

SUPER Fun Fact: If you went to see "Xanadu on Broadway" many years later, and picked up a pair of pastel Ribbon Barrettes in the Helen Hayes Theatre gift shop ... I made those! 💖

My Etsy shop was one of the OG shops when Etsy was pretty new, and the folks putting on the show made a decision to go handmade with these barrettes, and they found my shop on Etsy. I made small batches for the Helen Hayes Theater gift shop for years, for "Xanadu on Broadway." What a fun experience, and I'll always appreciate that! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Olivia, thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. <3

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