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Totally 80s fashion!

I was looking through photos and came across this one, which I absolutely LOVE. It was from a recent 80s-themed skating party, and the organizer had ordered a big batch of my handcrafted 80s-style Ribbon Barrettes to give out to her friends at the party.

Later, she sent me this photo. Adorable!! <3

I make 80s-inspired Ribbon Barrettes on a French clip, hand-woven and knotted tightly, with hundreds of color combinations possible. For a list of all colors available, please visit the Etsy shop at www.80sRibbonBarrettes,etsy,com and click on any of the Party Pack listings.

Handmade in New Hampshire!

Follow me on Instagram at @80sRibbonBarrettes to see samples of recent orders (and other random fun stuff)! :)

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